Affordable and Efficient: The Best Grills Under $100 for Quick Outdoor Meals

People all around the country and the world have a gas BBQ in their backyards. They are popular for a reason. It is convenient and reliable.

It was a mission to today’s store for me to get a really close look at gas BBQ grills. This was a very interesting experience to witness the vast differences. My first stop was one of those big box stores where I knew I’d find an excellent selection. They were all pretty basic grills and they lacked many of the features that I look for in grills. On the flip side, high-end models had features which I did not care for. These are some of the things that I learned. Read more now on Check out our guide to the best grills under $100.

It is easy to see the differences between grills by looking at them in order from cheapest up. Cheaper models had smaller burners, thinner metal tops, lower temperature gauges and fewer. Although they are capable of cooking meats and veggies, there isn’t much else to them. Increasing the price of a product brings about small upgrades. In this case, the diameter and length of the handle that is used to open/close the lidtop have increased. This somehow makes the device seem better. As you also observe, the method of accessing the gas tank seems more sensible. Some of the less expensive grills use a wimpy lever (technical name) to open up the tank. This would be a nightmare for anyone trying to operate it. No thanks! What makes sense are the gas BBQs that come with doors or grills you can access through.

The most expensive and nicest grills will have many features and be heavy duty. They’ll also offer good quality for their money. Most of the grills that are in this price range and even some at lower prices have side tables or side burners. At first I thought I wouldn’t use a burner on the side, but now I really appreciate it. We cook the side dish on it while we grill other things. If you are away from your home, it is a great way to cook food. Side burners can make it easy to prepare things like corn on a cob, sauces and creative desserts. They just do not offer it.

Grill surfaces are another important point to make about gas BBQs. My experience has shown that the type of grilling surface you use can greatly affect your cooking. Some are very wide and the food can make better contact. There are also some with a more raised or defined surface. Whichever I find more appealing. The grill surface is less important to me because I do not like when the meat or vegetables stick. You can easily manage either with aluminum foil, or by using cooking spray.