How To Have High Sea Pirate Adventure Fun With A Kids Playhouse

It’s easy to turn a children’s playhouse into an island pirate hideout home page. Kids love pirate movies and engaging books like “Pirates Don’t Change Diapers” which are hard to put down. You can bring this trend to your kids’ playhouse!

These awesome tips will help you bring your playhouse to p-AARRHH

1. You can add a telescope to your children’s playhouse’s porch railing or window edge. A telescope is an essential tool for any sea-faring pirate. Imagine the world your child will visit! You should also be alert for approaching pirate vessels and spy on other treasure hunters.

2. You can fill treasure chests around the playhouse. You can use one treasure chest to hold pirate costumes, foam swords, or other items. Another treasure chest can also be used for a snack or beverage container. Buy one of the foam travel containers from your local dollar shop to create a drink container. Paint it together with your child to make it look like treasure chest. It can be filled with drinks, ice, and snacks. A treasure chest with all your real “treasures” is a must! The treasure chest can be used to store favorite books, games or trinkets. However, your child might also keep fake jewelry, gold coins, and stunning crowns.

3. A flagpole and pirate flag transforms a playhouse quickly into a powerful and powerful pirate stronghold. You can either buy a ready-made flag or make your own. You can make your own pirate flag. Buy a black pillow and some felt. The pillowcase can be cut to the desired size. You can cut out crossbones and a skull from white felt. Then glue it to the pillow case. You will now have everyone aware of pirates by tying it to the flag pole.

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