Rehab for Drugs or Alcohol: Saving Lives

You should pull a child away from danger if you are observing a vehicle that is out of control hurtling toward him. You should also know what to do if a family member is drunk or under the influence of drugs. The danger is almost as great as if a child was about to be hit by a vehicle. The death of a drug or alcohol addict will be much more gradual. In order to help this person, it is necessary that he be treated at any New York drug and alcohol rehab that has the facilities to assist him – helpful hints!

The World Health Organization Expert Committee on Addiction-Producing Drugs, (1957), defined substance abuse as a’state or periodic intoxication caused by repeated consumption of drugs (natural or synthesized).

WHO defines addiction as: (1) an overwhelming compulsion for the person to consume the substance and obtain it by any means; (2) the tendency to increase dosages of the drug; (3) psychological dependence and physical dependency on the drug and (4) negative effects both to the individual and to society.

Even one of these traits can make drug abuse an extremely harmful thing that will ruin families and destroy lives. The end result is the death of the addict as a direct consequence of their addiction. Even alcoholics are not spared these tragedies, because they share the same fate as drug users: They destroy the lives of their family members and those around them, and they will undoubtedly kill themselves.

One way to treat an alcoholic, or perhaps a drug user is through alcohol and/or drug rehab centers NY. It is possible to get the help you need at any alcohol and drug rehab center NY has to offer. These centers have all the facilities necessary to wean them off of their addictions. You can choose from a variety of drug and alcohol rehab centers around New York.

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