Saving and making money with college textbooks

Let’s first look at some guidelines concerning used texts additional reading. Some courses require you to have the software with the book, or an access code for programs related. If this is the case it is often cheaper to purchase new books. You might be able to access these texts with a different access code. Do your research. Sometimes, it may be cheaper to buy the book completely new. Second, International Editions are available that are almost identical in word and phrase to the U.S. counterparts. The difference between them and their US counterparts usually comes down to the ISBN number and the cover. Sometimes, a page discrepancy is all that separates them. Questions about professors and assignments can be asked of previous students. It is possible to “be on the same pages”, as the saying goes. You’ll want to ensure that you have a US student edition.

These are typically more expensive but be mindful of your priorities. Be aware of these points before you begin my steps. Ask around in your school to see if anybody is willing or able to sell you their book. You may be able find a copy at the library that you can borrow for free! If you don’t have access to a library, the online school bookstore may be able to provide the books that you will need for next semester. You will need to note the titles, authors, editions and prices of the books that you own. You can then start looking for them online.

Look for the ISBN numbers of your texts at sites like, Half dot com. eBay. Abe books. Barnes and Noble. You can Google these numbers as well. Remove any hyphens and type the text string. Many on-line book shops sell used books. I do not advocate rental books. Renting books is like giving away your money. Use the book for a semester and then sell it to recoup your expenses. It is cheaper than renting the book long-term. Watch shipping costs, and use coupon sites like Coupon Cabin and Retail Me Not to save on shipping and discount codes. Amazon might be the best place to buy a brand new book with access codes, CDs, and packages. So that they are easier to resell once class is over, it’s important to get them in good used condition.

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