You can enhance your personal style with a beautiful pair of diamond earrings

Diamond earring types such as diamond hoops and diamond stud have seen a rise in popularity and demand since the start of the twentieth century. This is due to the ingenious techniques used for cutting and polishing diamond earrings. All of this is happening at the same time that the world sees prosperity from rising universal finances and increased diamond supply. The media have helped raise the status and popularity of diamond hoops and loops, studs, and earrings through targeted and well-executed advertising campaigns. See Diamond Earrings Designs to get more info.

However, not all diamond earrings are equal. While some are highly valued because of their high price, others may be poor quality due their poor cut or lackluster clarity. When shopping for earrings, make sure you know how you can distinguish real diamonds from the bunches of lemons.

A diamond’s beauty can be easily distinguished by placing the gems on one’s skin under dim lighting or against dark cloth. A gem that sparkles more will shine brighter. If you are buying diamond earrings with smaller gemstones, check to see if any visible occlusions. This is because these occlusions cause the diamond to become weaker, as well as reducing their ability to reflect or refract.

The best way to determine if the real diamond is in the earring you purchase is to use the four Cs test. The carat of the diamonds will be obvious to you so make sure to examine the stones on the basis for color, clarity, cut. Although there are many options for earrings, the best-selling style is the pear-shaped earrings. Pear-shaped earrings can only be made from pear-shaped diamonds. You can buy the diamond earrings securely from reputable jewelry shops that are known for their quality and certification.

Diamond is the most rare type of precious stones. It takes more than a million year to make it in the deep bowels. The diamond earring, which is the most visible piece of diamond jewelry, is therefore the most striking and prominent. It can be seen unobstructed by clothing.